Image: Mono-skier

Thoughts From a Mono-skier
Age 9

"If there is a challenge, I'm keen to do it"

How long have you been skiing?

2 years.

Why do you ski?

I like to ski because it's fun.

Describe your best day skiing?

Skiing on a mono-ski at Whakapapa.

Who do you ski with?

Dad, instructor. My sister is also learning to ski.

Where do you ski?

Whakapapa and Cardrona.

What type of snow do you like?

I like snow that is even. And snow that isn't about to turn into water.

What is your disability

I got sick in hospital. A blood clot got carried to my spinal cord, possibly from an arterial catheter or infection.

How does your disability affect your skiing?

I need help to get on the chair lift. I need a little bit of help to get into the mono-ski.

How has adaptive snowsports helped you?

By giving me the chance to help my balance and have more control over the mono-ski or bi-ski. It's given me the chance to do a fun sport.

How did you first find out about skiing?

From Robin Maxwell, my GSE physiotherapist.

How did you learn to ski?

I learnt to ski using a bi-ski with an instructor from DSNZ at Cardrona in 2005 and helpful volunteers, then a DSNZ instructor at Whakapapa using a mono-ski in 2006.

Tell me about your first time ever skiing

I enjoyed going up the chairlift, and going down the mountain again and again. I found it exciting, but a little cold. I fell over a few times, but got better as the day went on.

What do you not like about going skiing?

Nothing, I like everything about skiing apart from falling over.

If we (DSNZ) could do one thing to make your skiing experience better, what would it be?

Probably nothing.

Does skiing help with your physical fitness? How?

Yes, helps give me good balance.

Use five words to describe what skiing means to for you?





Good balance around corners!

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