Adaptive Groups

Snow Sports New Zealand aims to provide access to actively participate in snowsports for all New Zealanders with functional impairments. Adaptive programmes are available at seven mountains around the country, and there are a range of groups on a regional basis, of disability groups and to a limited extent through local snowsports clubs.

As a No Exceptions sport, many other snowsports groups and specialised groups also offer support, and trips, such as Special Olympics, RNZFB, ParaFeds. Ask around in your area, or contact your local ski resort adaptive coordinator - they may be able to provide the right link fro you.

Disabled Snowsports NZ - Regional branches

Disabled Snowsports NZ has been teaching people with disabilities to ski and board for over 35 years. It has formed the base of what is on offer today.

The daily operations nationally are run by Snow Sports NZ in partnership with the mountains, some of teh branches of Disabled Snowsports remain as strong supporters of snow sports for poeole with a disablity, running ski trips and support. Beginner, intermediate or expert skiers and snowboarders; Whatever your level, your local branch of Disabled Snowsports NZ welcomes new members and provides an important network for people wanting to have fun on the snow.

Please note that the activities an individual branch has the resources to provide is very dependent on the strength of the branch committee and the funding they are able to source.

Branch Contact Name Telephone Mobile

Disabled Snowsports Auckland




Disabled Snowsports Canterbury

Bridget Cox



Disabled Snowsports Otago

Bridget Meyer



Disabled Snowsports Wairarapa




Disabled Snowsports Wellington






Special Olympics

Snow Sports training and competition is one of the sports offered by Special Olympics for young people and adults with an intellectual disability, with regions and clubs throughout New Zealand. More details >

Parafed Associations

ParaFed Associations provide opportunities and encourage all people with physical disabilities to participate in sport and recreation.
There are currently 12 regional ParaFed Associations operating around New Zealand. Some of these group actively particpate in Snow Sports - such as Auckland at Snowplanet More details >

Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind

The Royal new Zealand Fondation for the Blind have Recreation Officers based in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin. Each year groups from RNZFB come up skiing. More details >

Sports Opportunity Advisors - Regional Sports Trusts

Through the Halberg Trust Sport Opportunity Programme, a network of Sport Opportunity Advisors working within Regional Sports Trusts throughout New Zealand, are available to help identify sporting pathways for disabled people.

Your local advisor can assist you in getting active in snow sports.

More details >

School Groups

We encourage all school groups to include special needs students in trips to a ski area. To arrange this talk to your local ski area and adaptive coordinator or contact the Adaptive Snow Sports NZ manager. By working as a team we can ensure these trips are sucessful.

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