Becoming an Adaptive Snow Sports member has never been easier. Membership comes with a wide range of benefits and by becoming a member you can help to support our efforts in promoting access to snowsports by disabled people across New Zealand. Membership is available to all New Zealanders with a permanent functional impairment

We understand that everyone has different needs and wants. To cater for this we offer two types of membership. Please read through the membership options and benefits available to see which one would suit you best. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why should I become a Member

Membership gives the people with disabilities a voice in the snow sports industry. You will become an Aadaptive member of Snow Sports New Zealand. Importantly a large membership base improves our chances of accessing funding for better resources, events, training and facilities.


How to Become a Adaptive Snow Sports Member



Active Membership

Active membership is open to anyone with a permanent physical, sensory or intellectual disability, or functional impairment.


If you are living in New Zealand you are entitled to all Active Membership benefits PLUS the benefits offered.

Disabled Snow Sports Club Membership

If you wish to join up to the local Disabeld Snowsports club - Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury or Adaptive Snowsports Otago, choose the club you join. Please contact your local club for full details of the trips and benefits they offer.

By joining a club you are supporting them in the great work they do and have access to all the benefits of being a club member, and automatically become a member of Adaptive Snow Sports NZ also. You (or your legal guardian) will get a voting right fro Snow Sports NZ.

International Membership

For those living overseas who wish to uilise the resoources of the adaptive programmes and benefits of membership.

Individual Membership

For individuals who ski / board independantly and uilise the resources of the mountain adaptive programmes and benefits of membership.

Group member

For members of an affiliated organisation going skiing/boarding with their group- i.e. member of RNZFB, Special Olympics, DANZ.

Friends of Adaptive Snow Sports NZ

Show your support of adaptive snow sports by becoming a Friend. By contributing a $15 annual donation and adding numbers to our cause you can help us give have a louder voice in the snowsports industry, and help us achieve better resources, events, training and facilities.

Friends membership offers a range of benefits and is open to anyone wishing to support our organisation, including family, volunteers, instructors and branch support staff and the public. You will also get a voting right as a member of Snowsports NZ



Application Forms

2012 Adaptive Snow Sports Membership is NOW available ONLINE HERE

You can join up as a member of your club - Disabled Snowsports Canterbury, Auckland, Wellington or Adaptive Snowsports Otago,OR as an Adaptive Snowsports Member - either as an individual, international or Group member ( i.e. if you are already a member of another group and going on a group trip)

You will need a digital photo ready to upload and credit card payment.

Your new membership card will be sent to you in the next few weeks - as soon as we can process them. Thank you for your paitence.

If you are having any issues or unable to join up online please phone us and we will assist you. Have a digital photo, proof of disability for a new member, and credit card number ready.

If you have alreday joined up via your club you can update your details online but payment will have gone via your club- when we receive verification from your club we can then process your card.

- Disabled Snowsports Canterbury supplementary form (pdf 235kb - for Canterbury members only)
- Friends membership form (pdf 268Kb)

Note Membership is valid from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

Ig you need help please contact our office O3 4434O85

2012 membership benefits

Adaptive members will receive lift pass discounts from all commercia ski areas and helper for free at Snowplanet.

We are in the process of confirming other benefits for the 2012 season - we hope to generate some great deals for the 2012 season, on and off snow.

These benefits are generously given to members by the ski areas, snow sports industry, and other local business to support you and make snow sports more accessible. The added cost of snowsports or limited use of some facilities, for people with an impairment is recognised.

Membership benefits are only available on production of a valid Adaptive Snow Sports membership photo ID card.

2011 Benefits

2011 Retail Discounts

How long is my membership valid for?

2012 membership will be valid from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

Membership applications are accepted from May onwards and cards can be issued throughout the year.

Many overseas ski areas accept the New Zealand membership card.


What is Family Membership?

Family membership is for families who want to register more than one active member. This only applies to immediate family living in the same household. Please contact the relevant branch directly if you have any further queries about family membership.

2012 benefits

Latest Newsletter

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Membership Rates for 2011

Membership Type

Annual Sub

Disabled Snowsports NZ Branch Active Membership
Auckland $45
Canterbury $60 Skier or Boarder
$80 Family
Otago $35

$25 Individual
$35 Family

Individual NZ member $45
International member $65
Group member - for group trips - must be member of group such as RNZFB, Special Olympics, Back Up NZ, DANZ. $25
Friend of Adaptive Snow Sports $15 donation


What happens to your subscription?

If you join a club - Disabled Snowsports Wellington, Auckland, Canterbury, Oatgo $20 per member goes to the Snow Sports NZ cover the cost of your ID card, newsletter, securing benefits and support of the sport.. The balance goes to your local club to cover their running costs.
If you are an International, individual or group member or Friend the money goes to Adaptive Snow Sports to cover the cost of your ID card, newsletter and securing benefits, and to help run programmes.